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Lower Your Car Insurance

  • 100% online defensive driving course
  • Save 10% on your auto insurance
  • Reduce up to 4 points on your license
  • Approved by New York State DMV
  • No final exam required


Defensive Driving

Get all the benefits of a classroom course
from the comfort of home.

Defensive Driving

Overview: In New York, defensive driving and accident prevention courses are regulated by the New York DMV's Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program, otherwise known as IPIRP. To comply with the NY DMV, our state-approved course teaches you the following:

  • Safe driving techniques
  • Strategies to minimize risks of the road
  • New York State traffic law

How it Works: Whether you have been ordered by the NY DMV to take a defensive driving course, or simply want to reduce license points and receive an insurance discount, this course will help you meet your goal. Once you complete this course, you are eligible to receive a mandatory 10% insurance reduction for 3 years and reduce up to 4 points from your driving record.

Complete Your Course Online: For several years, this course was only available in a live classroom setting. Today, the state allows you to take our course which is completely online and available to you 24/7. Drivers who successfully complete this course meet all state and DMV requirements to receive a point reduction and insurance discount.

You can register and take this course whenever, wherever you have a computer with internet access. The course works with dial-up and broadband connections and is easy and fun to use.

The Best Part Is: There is no classroom attendence required or final exam. Once you finish, we automatically report your course completion to the NY DMV and mail you your certificate.